Friday, December 02, 2005

The Maddox Jolie Countdown Clock

A little while ago, I posted a Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe Countdown Clock, ticking off the days till he turned legal. A lot of people wrote to me to let me know that Harry, in fact, was legal in his home country of England. Well, pish posh I say. Here in the States, its 18 for the most part.

Nevertheless, I appreciated all of your concern, and thought I'd thank all of you by offering up another Hottie Countdown Clock, this time for someone who I'm pretty sure is not legal anywhere in the world: Maddox Jolie. Why Maddox? Because already at four years old he:

Is tough.

Is kinda nutty.

Likes to cuddle. (See, also, needs to be held.)

Has a great sense of style.

Is independent...

...but also really, really rich.

Most importantly, sooooo cute. Check out the little bod on him... a-literally, he's a tiny one!

So here's the scoop: His birthday is August 5th, 2001. But because lil' Maddy is bi-national, meaning both from Cambodia and now living in the United States, I figured I'd offer up TWO, yes TWO, Countdown Clocks, one for the age of consent in Cambodia (and, knowing his mom, there is a high likelihood he might be there!):

And in the Bestern Hemisphere:

Nearly 5,000 days left!! Sigh. What to do until then? What. To. Do?

Guess I'll just hunker down and learn how to knit with some dog hair.

(coughing loudly) Hanukkah! Present!

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