Thursday, June 17, 2004

20th Century Lox: Fall Programming

Jews rejoice! For any of you unsure readers out there, it's official: We really are running the media!

Take a gander at the Lox Networks latest fall programming. It'll have you screaming Gevalt!, just like the time your yarmulke fell off at the Fleetwood Mac reunion concert.

"Joe Minyanaire"

A good-looking young man goes to an Orthodox singles event and tells girls he meets there that he davens every day. Watch their reaction when they find out that he hasn't been inside a shul since his bar mitzvah in 1986 and spends every morning and afternoon at Starbucks!

"American Sheitel"

Viewers vote for the woman wearing the best-looking head-covering.

"The Rhea-Al World"

Rhea and Al Goldberg, married 55 years,
are thrown together in a house in Miami Beach for a week with
no TV. If both survive, they move on to the next installment: an
hour-long trip in a Cadillac with no air conditioning. The
excitement never ends!

"Don't Meet My Folks"

Three Jewish men take their girlfriends
home to meet their parents. But watch out-one of the girlfriends
is a shiksa! Parents try to guess which son is in an interfaith
dating situation so they can throw him out of the house and
threaten to sit Shiva for him.

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