Thursday, December 16, 2004

Help Me Decide America

Happy Holidays everyone. You may have wondered why my posting has been so weak/non-existent today. The thing is, it's Christmas, aka "bonus season." So I have a little extra cash (really, not that much extra) and of course my flank is on fire from the hole its burning in my pockets.

So now the real question is: What do I do with this money? And it's been boiled down to two things: 1. A phatty boombalatty mp3 player; or 2. A trip somewhere.

Now, I don't plan on getting an Ipod, because I have issues with the battery not being replaceable. I was thinking along the lines of Iriver. And as far as my trip goes, I'm hoping for Budapest, although that would definitely require a little fundraising on my part.

So what's the right answer here?!?!?! I need your help. Please speak up in the comments section with your opinions. I mean travelling is fun, but so fleeting. I'm leaning toward mp3. Or I could just always get an abortion for that unwanted "baby" I'm carrying. Whichevs. I'll worry about "it" later.

Thanks friends.

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