Monday, December 13, 2004

Food Vibrations

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You know that feeling where you get more than what you paid for? I think it's what the experts call "feeling fantastic." Well, I just went to Dunkin Donuts to get a 72 oz. coffee, because I am a shadow of my own self, completely wiped with exhaustion. You might recognize me if you work in lower Manhattan: I'm the glassy eyed girl vaguely resembling/walking like Treebeard from Lord of the Rings.

So forgive me if this post rambles. I go to D&D (Genius Idea Alert! Anyone want to open up a store called "Dungeons and Donuts"? It'll be a theme restuarant where, get this... a Dragon, ok? Serves you donuts.) to buy one of their trademarked bucket of coffees. Now this Dunkin Donuts, I should add, isn't even its own store. It's like part of an Arby's. So you need to average in the customer service you normally expect from Dunkin with that of an Arby's, and you'll understand why I was doubly please. Did I mention I'm exhausted?

SO! The woman behind the counter pours a little cream (like I ask her to) into a giant cup and goes for the Hazelnut coffee, which I'll address later on. She pours practically an ENTIRE coffee pot full of liquid in the cup, looks at it, and pours it into the sink. She tries again, pouring me another bucket's worth, then right back in the sink. She tells me "There's something wrong with the cream, do you want milk?" I say "Sure, that's fine." Finally, I get my 36 oz cup. But don't you get it! I practically got 100 oz's of coffee for a dollar!!!

IT GETS BETTER. I normally never indulge like this, but I also got two Munchkins, the small donut holes that give you a little flavor but not all the grease of one big donut. And the girl... she gave me 3! But I only paid for 2! What. A. Day.

Never mind that the coffee is completely undrinkable. It's almost sour. Maybe when they say "Hazelnut", they literally mean there's some guy named Hazel steeping his LeBallsac in some boiling water "backstage." Game Set Match: I probably won't be going back there. But what a way to say goodbye, no?

In other food news: So a few friends and I threw a holiday party on Friday night, and it was a big success. Sure, the people were fun, and there were drinks and merriment and spectacular magic Star of David 3-D glasses...

But what I like to think made the party a success were the Dr. Praeger's Potato Pancakes that I baked/force-fed to people. Now, I don't know who this Dr. Praeger fella is, but if the man spent 10 years in medical school and ended up going into the latke-making business anyway, well, friends, this has to be one mean-ass pancake. Any of the party people in the house want to back me up on this?

And Finally...

Check out TVGasm for my 400 page recap of Desperate Housewives this week. What a show!

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UPDATE: I just reread this post, and realize it's 98 percent incoherent. So, to make up for it, here's a Japanese Lap Pillow.

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