Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Moore than we Bargained For

Did you guys catch Michael Moore on Leno last night. Here's a screen shot:

Really, though, did you see him? He totally cleaned up his disgusting, unkempt image. His hair was combed, and he was in a suit. Like a clean, really really big suit. He also admitted that Bush won the election fair and square. (Leno: How did Bush win? Moore: He got more votes. The guy is good, people.) So now the question is: Who is this man, and in what silo are they hiding the actual Michael Moore?

Side Note: Pat Sajak, Turning the Letters on Hollywood HYP_CR_SY.

My apologies for the amount of poor man's Photoshopping going on today. I have completely lost my mind at work, and have been singing my favorite Christmas song "Away in a Manger" all day long, out loud, but with my own made up words. Example:

Away in a manger, lies Jesus so small
He's crying so loudly and learning to crawl
I love him, baby Jesus, He looks just like his Dad
And he's wearing pajamas, he looks cute but he's sad.

Oh tiny small Jesus, in a Manger he lies,
with his small hands and small feet and small son of God cries.
I love him, Lord Jesus, in his manger away
Now let's smile and get presents on this glorious Christmas Daaaaay.

I'm also a big fan of "Jesu, Man of Joy's Desiring" (which should have been the title of the new Jude Law/Clive Owen movie Closer.) Point being, my mind is melting, so you should thank me that I haven't written more.

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