Thursday, November 18, 2004


D'ya ever wish this blog o'mine would just come right to life. Well. It. Can!

I'll be doing stand-up this Thursday, November 18.

Welcome To Our Week, a hit comedy show hosted by a couple of lovelies named Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein.

This week's line-up:

Yours Truly

Mike Birbiglia - Late Night w/ David Letterman, Carson Daly, Comedy Central 1/2 hour Special

Joey Gay - Law and Order, standup extraodinaire, documentary "The Owner Heckles"

Paul Scheer - VH1's Best Week Ever, Conan O'brien

The info:

RiFIFI (Cinema Classics)
Nov. 18th, 8pm
332 E 11th St between First and Second Aves


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