Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Things That Made Me Laugh Today

- Remembering eating at a restaurant called AbraKebabra in not one, but two Irish cities.

- I'm visiting a friend in Boston for Thanksgiving. She tells me "Oh, my Uncle is going to really love you!" I say "That's great... Is he single? LOL" (It was an IM conversation.) She says "No, he's brain damaged." And I'm all "Perfect! ;)" And she's all "No, seriously, he was hit by a car when he was 3. He can't speak English. He's actually brain damaged" On second thought, that is a definitive :'(

- This picture, taken in 198-why?:

- Thinking about the Anna Nicole Smith video, then re-enacting it for a coworker.

- This year's 10 Worst Toy List. Note the "Dress Me Up Paz" Penguin. Innocent looking enough... but behind that yellow poncho and raincap lurks a child killer.

- Finally, this picture. Notice the smaller inset photo. This is like the Magnavox TV of hilarity.

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