Monday, November 22, 2004

I Give You What You Want, America

Well, Ziggy's first picture was such a success, I thought why not post the only other picture I have of these sweet slackjawed angel? I present:

Ziggy is indeed the best. (Although don't ever attempt eating food in front of her, as you will be met with the most pathetic, starved, wide-eyed dog face you have ever seen, accompanied by some unsavory lip smacking.) However, to fully understand the supermodel this dog has been up against for the past couple of years, take a look at her "sibling" or "housemate" Mookie:

Don't worry, though... Mookie, like most gorgeous creatures, notches in at zero on the personality scale. He was given away a few months ago, leaving Ziggy the sole (and soul) honorary footwarmer used during my visits. What can I say, the apartment is drafty.

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