Tuesday, December 21, 2004

We All Scream for Generosity

Tom Cruise: When he's not making awful, mediocre to highly-enjoyable films or defending his entire drop-dead gorgeous/bat-shit crazy belief system, he's whipping Goodfella-like wads of cash out of his wallet and donating it to Go-Kart victims. Actually, 100 $50 bills (literally taken out of his wallet... who totes around a hundred $50's anyway? Oh... oh, I see.)

Cruise entered an ice cream shop in Virginia, where he's filming Speilberg's War of the Worlds, and saw a sign on a jar asking people to donate money to a little girl who got pretty effed up when her Go-Kart flipped over. (Which amazes me, as my parents used to ALWAYS warn me about those lil' danger-mobiles, and I never took note. Speaking of which, stay tuned for me in the upcoming videogame Halo 3.) Good thing it wasn't fellow Scientologist and new Jenny Craig spokeswoman (seriously) Kirstie Alley, cause you know sister would've spent ALL the cash on Hulk Pops.

"It's the next best thing after a real man." --Kirstie Alley

All in all, a real heartwarmer of a tale. It's hard to make fun of Tommy when: 1. This really does seem to be a selfless, generous act, and 2. His Google Image Search produces these kind of results, which are Not Safe For Work (esp. if you work with these guys.)

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