Monday, January 23, 2006

A Whole New World

When my Great Nana Fleinbaum Lowenstein came to this great nation 58 years ago, it was like a rebirth.... if a rebirth included a traumatic boat ride, a thorough de-licing, a handful of gang rapes, gout, re-licing, a new, Christian name (Joan Collins), yet more de-licing, and a suspicious rash that vaguely resembled Charles Nelson Reilly (she would recall later, as Mr. N. Reilly had not acheived the level of fame necessary for relating ones rash to at the time.)

Well, wouldn't you gang rape her? She's gorgeous!

Point being, as her rhuematic foot stepped off the ship onto this free, new land, all of the atrocities of the past (and truss, there were a-plenty a those) seemed to disappear like the rest of her family, and she was faced with the "O" word that defines the American dream: Opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity, this would be a good one to bring up the obvious...

DID YOU NOTICE THE NEW BLOG DESIGN?! Yes, folks, nearly a year and a half into this little adventure I started, I got my shit together, took a deep breath, and hired someone to redesign the blog.

But not just any someone. A genius!

His name is Clay Ostrom, and he is absolutely brilliant. I gave him an idea of what I wanted, and before I knew it, he had created something above and beyond what I had expected. He's also a goddamned delight to work with, professional, funny, and what else can I say? If you're looking for someone with a keen eye for design to set up your website or blog, this is your man. You can see some of his work at his website, Bird Branch, or e-mail him directly by clicking here.

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