Friday, February 24, 2006


Whether you know it or not, I am always watching you. My statcounter is able to tell me where most of you live (city-wise), sometimes where you work, and how you got here (Google search, etc.) Don't worry, it's still fairly anonymous... I'm not going to get any of you fired, so take a deep breath and relax.

This explains how I came across the J-Walkblog, which linked to the animals in casts post. One of the comments had me a-cracking up. To wit:
By SuperSean:
I have an awkward story about a pet in a cast.

My parents' cat tore a tendon several years ago and my dad helped to rehab the cat by having her walk around the block on a leash while in her cast. A few weeks later in a neighborhood watch meeting, the only "suspicious activity" reported to the police was some guys running around with a limping cat on a leash!

Haha -- can you believe that? It's like some kind of weird cat domestic abuse. I only wonder if the neighbor was able to corner the cat and be all (casually) "So, how'd you hurt yourself?" and the cat's all (little to no eye contact) "Oh, I... haha... I fell down the stairs! Yesterday! Third time this month! Haha! Imagine that!"

(quiet, hissed whisper) "Heeeeelp meeeee."

ps While you're here, stop by and dress Willy, won't you?

(I swear, last thing in this genre for at least 10 years. I'm starting to weird myself out.)

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