Monday, August 02, 2004

Happy Impending Death Day 2004!

First of all, 10,000 hits has been reached. THANK YOU to everyone who helped out. There has been some talk about me giving away prizes... I've given it some thought, and figured out that the only thing I can afford to give away are things I can borrow/steal from my office. So, if any of you need binder clips, coffee-stained mousepads, papercuts or condescending tones, e-mail me immediately.

In other news. My impending death. My office is 2 blocks away from the Stock Exchange, and in order to buy my necessary lunchtime panini and stand at my usual begging corner, I must pass by said terrorist target. I am so paranoid, that during my morning Au Bon Pain yogurt run, I alerted the cashier to a lone duffel bag by the door, which turned out to be some whore's gym bag. YOU WOULD THINK SHE WOULD KNOW BETTER. Seriously, infinite eye-rolling emoticons HERE.

So you'll forgive my lack of postings this morning. I have been making certain arrangements (did someone say lucite coffin?), and laughing at how ironic this post would be if I in fact DO get blown up today. Now I've stopped laughing.

My promise: I'm gonna grab a panini, smoke 9 ciggs, have a good cry, and blog the rest of the day away!!!

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