Friday, March 25, 2005

Unleavened Baby

Don't let his older sibling hide "the afikomen", or you'll end up with a matzah-clad baby in your washing machine, or baking alongside Bubby's tsimiss.

Also, note the fine detailing of this lil' guy's costume, including the very delicious looking miniature bow tie. For those unfamiliar, matzoh is a bit of the devil's trickery: looks like cardboard, but with a little margarine or jam, is pretty much the most delicious thing around.

Thanks to Carolyn O'Hara for alerting me to this very disturbing trend of dressing your baby up as sacred bread.

In fact, the more research I do, the more these unleavened babies keep poppin up! Check out these two:

Hey Mom, maybe you should stop wasting precious time dressing your kid up like kosher delicacies and take him to the doctor to get that eye checked out, hmm?

Also, if you're worried about your man's junk not being "kosher for pesach", have I got something for jew. Clear up any pre-marital sex guilt with these matzah boxer shorts, and you'll go from unleavened to good-lovin in no time flatbread.

And speaking of Matzoh Balls, here's a genuine one that IS safe to show the kids:

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