Friday, March 18, 2005

When You Wish Upon Your Blog

The fairygodmother of my nightmares.

A certain friend of mine made a big stinkaroo about her Amazon wishlist, and I balked. Then, people started getting her things, and I cried with envy.

Here's my wishlist. If anything, learn about the products I dream of receiving at night. And really, people, I feel dirty and wrong even doing this, but you know what? FUCK. IT. Oh, and don't read into which products are listed first. It doesn't mean anything. For example, I'd kill my first born for a reasonably priced digital camera, and it's listed as number 19 or 20 I believe.

Then again, you could just sign up for a FUCKING FREE IPOD ALREADY AND COMPLETE AN OFFER. Goddammit I'm only ONE person away. Shit, people, you're really giving me a heart attack ovah hee-a.

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