Thursday, December 23, 2004

Give a Dog a Clone

As many of my long term readers may remember, a couple of months ago I harbored a minor obsession with a company called Genetic Savings & Clone, and their CEO (or Cloning Extra-Ordinaire) Lou Hawthorne. Then, I went to the NYC Cat!Show and had second thoughts about spending my life travelling amongst a group of devotees who make drug-addled carnies look like your local Starbucks Barrista. I.e., these people were fucking nuts, and I just slowly backed away and moved on to greater things. Although I will say that the Genetic Savings people were extremely nice and helpful, and even sent me a free t-shirt! (Which, when I clone myself two sizes smaller, will look great.)

But check it out!!! They have successfully cloned someone's housepet!

Aww! His name is Little Nicky, which is cute, cause it's kind of like a little devil cat, which I'm sure a lot of people in the Bible belt would argue for anyway... Speaking of which, hilarity:

(This is another example of me thinking I've come up with a genius plan, i.e. "Bible Belts", only to discover I'm too late. Don't even bring up last week when I thought that "Tequila Mockingbird" was the most genius thing/name/bar I had ever invented, only to have a friend Google search it and slap me across the face with 89,900 results. I wanted Tequila Myself.)

Back to the clones, here's a picture of a woman with way too much money on her hands, holding her $50,000 cat. And no it's not a Jaguar. Or a Bengal tiger for that matter. And really, for $50,000, you think they could've cloned a natural cat smile onto his face instead of this permanent shitting the litter box expression the Lil' Nikolai seems to be wearing:

In related news, here's a picture of a cat in a shelter. I won't post it directly here, cause it's depressing, and hey! It's almost Christmas! And it's a damn cat behind kitty bars, serving jailtime for the simple crime of being born.

Anyway, here's hoping Little Nicky is a bigger success than the Sandler bomb of the same name, and a touch less retarded than Sandler himself.

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