Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm Soooo Tired, I Haven't Slept a Wink

Due to a combination of insanity at work and exhaustion due to a late night excurzh yesterday, I'm in no mood to parlay all the wonderments of the internet today. Thankfully, Dong over at Screenhead has done it for me. Thanks to him for all of these links save the last one, which is an originale:

- Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog. Ay no. When he flops down, my tear ducts secrete boiling hot tears. Worth a glance. Also, leave the window open on your screen all day, and check back in with him every few hours -- he just keeps goin and goin.

Also see: Narcoleptic Log.

- Worth1000 is a great site. A site I never really remember to look at. But if you are an animal lover, as I am, there is a-plenty of laughter to go around. Take these animals dressed up like people.

From giggles:

To arousal:

To nightmares:

What was that, Subconscience? You want me to set myself on fire and have my landlord piss the flames out? Consider it FUN.
in three easy steps.

- Had me laughing. Great idea.

Finally, if you're in the tri-state area, check out this kick ass Guns N' Roses cover band, Mr. Brownstone, at BB King's tomorrow night. Look, I've met Slash, and I've met these guys, and the similarities outweigh the differences, i.e., neither of them wanted to sleep with me.

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