Monday, May 08, 2006

DON'T FORGET! I bare my soul tonight @ 8:30!

Why listen to me tout my own show, when you can listen to PAPER MAGAZINE, who picked it as a "Tip for Today":

Can you picture Steven Wright flipping burgers or Sarah Silverman selling life insurance? Comics become comics because they really don’t know how to do anything else -- or so we thought. Apparently there’s a world of untapped skills hidden inside every comedian. At “The Other Talent Show,” Jon Friedman and Michelle Collins host as a bevy of comedian Renaissance men showcase their other attributes, like freestyle rapping and making a delicious tuna casserole. Yum. Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction, 34 Ave. A, (212) 777-5660. 8:30 p.m. $6

Once again, here's the lineup:

Jonathan Miller (NY Times) & Peter Koechley (The Onion) Handflute Showdown 2006!

Jessica Delfino (Comedian, Musician) Catches food in her mouth!

Ricky Van Veen & Jakob Lodwick (College Humor) Blindfolded freestyle rapping!

Shawn Hollenbach (Comedian) Making his famous tuna casserole!

Molly Crabapple (Illustrator) Will dance a little burlesque!

Sara Schaefer (Comedian) Will knit a sweater during the show!!!

Stickerbook (a band comprised of comedians) 80's Cover Band!!

SEE YOU THERE! (I'll let you know that when I first came across this pic, I thought it was a girl with only one limb at a pagaent for the disabled, and immediately tossed it aside. Turns out it's a LEGIT beauty pagaent for fully-limbed redneck slut-children, and only an optical illusion that makes it appear as though she hoofed it to Maury dragging herself in with flip-flops on her hands. Enjoy.)

Speaking of Maury, check out this genius, found via this site, that will be my card for this year.

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