Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Two Things That Made My Day

Leave it to the New York Times to really deliver today, Wednesday, Administrative Assistant's Day.

First, a pretty hilarious review of "Lestat", the new Anne Rice/Elton John epic musical about male whores who live forever.

Anne Rice's Vampires, With Elton John's Music, Take to the Stage By BEN BRANTLEY

"I want to suck youuuuuuur.... blood. No, seriously, just your blood. I am a vampire. You didn't notice? The fangs... white makeup thing... didn't ring a.. a bell? Immortal-can't-stand-sunlight-sleeps-in-a-coffin... nothing? Huh."

Unsurprisingly, a quick Google search revealed an entire website devoted to Gay Vampires. So I guess a musical was inevitable. (NSFW, if you work at Fox News or The White House or

Luckily, Elton John's "Lestat" musical is the only, and I mean ONLY, Lestat that is even remotely homo-sect-sew-al.

Let's take a quick break for a second, yes?

Tony Danza as a Pirate.

Moving on -- the best thing I've heard all week! Mick Jagger is starring in an ABC sitcom!!!

OK, maybe not starrrring, but please, for me, read this article.

Mick Jagger Joins a New ABC Sitcom By BILL CARTER

Let's Rob Mick Jagger!! Listen -- Let's Rob Jeff Goldblum would have been amay -- I'm a sucker for Goldblum. But good God, could this be the future of television? Because, if it is, SIGN ME UP.

My next show? I WANT TO DATE RAPE GEORGE CLOONEY. Oh come on. Like he's not begging for it. (p.s. 3 percent of me is scared that he's going to take me seriously here and have me arrested. I already have 2 restraining orders, I don't need a third!! LOLOLOL! p.p.s. If you're reading this, Mario Van Peebles, call me!!)

Finally, if you have a second, you must watch this video of Jim Belushi falling off a stage. (via Best Week Ever.) It's no Kelsey Grammer, but it will do for now.

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