Friday, April 14, 2006

Passover At The Pitkins Aftermath

The shows last night were nothing short of hilariously fun. Great crowd, great food, and tons, and tons, and tons of wine. I was all geared up for the 6:30 show, drinking roughly 5 glasses in an hour, but by the time 9:30 rolled around, I turned into Slur Slurence Slurlivier. Things were made double surreal when it turned out that the bully who tortured me for 2 scarring years of my childhood was sitting two seats away from the stage. Unsurprisingly, he's as homo as ever, so hopefully the power plays I had to deal with as a girl helped him work out whatever "issues" he had.

What made it more surreal was that there were babies -- BABIES! -- in the audience. Such cute little babies, too. I hid the Afikomen in my bra, and even though there were kids there, doled out the incredibly fun Afikomen toys to men and women OVER the age of 18, shank you very much.

Some pictures:

Lang Fisher as Elijah the Prophet, holding a picture of Elijah Wood and wearing a trademarked "Wine Helmet".

Adira Amram, who might certifiably be the funniest fucking lunatic I've ever known, looking wistful.

It's the Snakes on a Blog girls!!!

Moses, his staff, and some vanity lights. You may recognize him from "The Ten Commandments" and "Best Week Ever."

The two non-Jews of the night, Rob Lathan and Lang, braving their first taste of gefilte fish and USING THEIR FINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still not over this.

Needless to say, Lang got waaaay more wasted then any of us as she kept drinking Manischevitz out of the hat the entire night.

Bex Schwartz and an umbrella she stole from a Chinese woman.

Julie Klausner, Lang, and a merkin.

Mmmmmmyeah I'm pretty sure this was glass number 48. My Nars shimmer stick can only take my flushed cheeks so far. Also, I got a haircut yesterday, and apparently asked for the "Campbell Brown".

Adira, showing off the Afikomen prize.

With thanks to Bex, Lang, Todd, Rob, Adira, Ophira (I love doing that), Josh, Julie and Eli!

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