Friday, April 07, 2006

Best Movie Ever Made?


A premature crack baby abandoned in an inner city dumpster embarks on a surreal journey through a landscape of urban decay in directors James Bickert and Randy Hills' "Dumpster Baby". Left for dead and doomed to die, the helpless child's chances for survival fade with each passing minute. The young infant's will to survive is strong though, and in the following days the struggling child encounters a series of bizarre characters ranging from an adulterous surgeon to a malevolent street pimp and a crack-smoking hooker whose motherly instincts offer a shimmering ray of hope in the child's bleak future.


Yes. It's real. You can even rent it. Or, as I would strongly recommend, buy it. It would make the perfect companion piece to "Boy in the Plastic Bubble."

My friend has a copy. I will be watching it ASAP and reporting back to you on it. How this movie was not the original "Snakes on a Plane" I'll never know.

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