Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MySpace Comment-Off 2006!

Hey folks! I'm creating a completely self-serving contest!!! Want to play?! HERE'S HOW!!!!!

Ok, toning down the enthusiasm...

Go to my MySpace profile, and add a comment. Make it as FUNNY AS CAN BE! Add funny pictures, funny jokes, WHATEVS!!

I'll pick the funniest one, and give it it's very own BLOG POSTING!!!

Why am I doing this? Because I really enjoy the comments section, and I love funny things!! And I like to encourage others! And I want to buff up my profile, and figured this a fast, easy and SAFE way.

So enter now!

Thank youuuuuuuu. (Please let it be known that neither I, nor this website, condones a Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pagaent. Although I can't say I'm not jealous of that tiara/bod.

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