Monday, June 26, 2006

Uber Alles Indeed

This is officially the prettiest and most come hither looking pig I have ever seen. Hitler would be happy to know I've been humming this tune for approx. 48 minutes.

Also, if anyone could translate the part of the song I don't know (everything other than "Pigs for Germany"), I'd appreciate it.

Update: Translation!

Wir brauchen Schwein für Deutschland,
dass jede Flanke sitzt.
Verdammt viel Schwein für Deutschland,
dass jeder Schuss ein Treffer ist.
Wir brauchen Schwein für Deutschland,
dann ziehen wir in's Finale ein.
Denn nur mit Schwein für Deutschland,
wird der Weltmeister auch Deutschland sein.

We need "pig" for Germany
that every cross is right.
Damn much "pig" for Germany
that every shot is a hit.
We need "pig" for Germany,
then we'll make it to the final.
Because only with "pig" for Germany,
will the world champion be Germany.

Note: In German "Schwein haben" ("to have pig") is an idiomatic expression meaning "to be lucky". "Schwein brauchen" ("to need pig") is not really used but is easily understood by anybody with a good command of German to mean "to need luck". Just eeplace every instance of "pig" above with "luck" and the song will make even more sense.

With thanks to Christoph W. for the above translation, and additional thanks to Noa, Jenna and Martin!

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