Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Saddest Movie In Cinematic History

Thanks to "Nygel from Nottingham", who passed along this trailer for a Japanese movie that is like the baby animal version of 9/11 (i.e., SO SAD.) According to Nyge (who dabbles in Japanese), "It's called "Fox Cub Helen" (Ed note: Google searches have named it "Helen the Baby Fox") or "Kogitsune Heren" depending on how you translate it. It's about a boy living with no mom, with no friends who finds a deaf and blind fox cub."

Sorry. Let me repeat that. "A boy living with no mom, with no friends who finds a deaf, blind and mute fox cub."

It kills me slowly that little Helen cannot appreciate the sight of the glorious flowers sprouting forth from the soil on this very obviously Godless Earth.

Here is a description of the movie from Variety:
Seven-year old Taichi (Arashi Fukasawa) is shunted to the remote Hokkaido home of a veterinarian (Takao Osawa) when his camerawoman mom travels on a Pacific photographic assignment. Feeling neglected, the tyke takes pity on a deaf, blind, mute fox he names after Helen Keller. This guardian role teaches Taichi about parental responsibilities and sharpens his appreciation of his career mom's duty to make a living for both their benefits.

If you have ever made any pacts promising your soul to the Devil, this trailer is a great way to see if he really took you up on it. For, if you do not cry, sir, you have NO SOUL.

The trailer: (If it's taking time to load, pause it, let it load, then play the video.)

***FOX CUB HELEN*** (the trailer)

And the Official Movie Site (in complete Japanese, you won't understand any of it.)

"Oh God, I could really go for a strong cup of coffee after this. Let me just grab my mug and AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Hands on hips.) Herennnn! (blowing my bangs out of my face.) What am I gonna do with a blind, deaf, mute fox cub? Cuddle it all the livelong day? If you insist."

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