Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You Think You're All That Cause You're a Fat Seal and Shit

A conversation last night with best friend Annie in L.A. revealed this:

Me: So what did you do yesterday?

Annie: Mmm... did some shopping. I bought a t-shirt with two manatees kissing on it.

Me: (silent.)

Annie: Is that embarassing because breasts are like sea cows?

Me: Well, it's embarassing. The t-shirt is embarassing, that question is embarassing. I'm overwhelmed.

She assures me it's in trendy hipster style, however this was the only shirt I could find on Froogle under "manatees kissing" and... don't look that "hipstery". Sorry, friend.

This "Stay Golden" t-shirt, however, will DEFinitely make your tits look like sea cows:

Bea Arthur should never be stretched over anyone's bosom. (Just typing that made me want to boot all over my keyboard.)

Other funny manatee things: This video of Jim Gaffigan, who I love, on Dr. Katz, a show I loved, talking about manatees... a "must watch":


Margaret in Chicago has done Annie a huge favor and sent this in... the t-shirt in question!

OK, it's definitely cuter than I gave it credit for... but it's DEFINITELY boob-ish. Boobs with eyes, and paddlehands. And hearts of gold.

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