Monday, June 21, 2004

Deutschland Uber Crazy

Let's start off this beautiful week with a little ditty out of Europe's loveable kitten of a country, Germany.

Locals have been keeping their eyes and bananas peeled in the hopes of catching one lunatic in Berlin.
A camouflage-clad German man wielding a samurai sword attacked at least seven hikers in forests west of Berlin, performing sword tricks before ordering them to leave the woods, police said Friday...

The man pushed two elderly people off their bikes and, flashing his sword, shouted at them to leave the forest. He later tried to drive a young couple out of the woods.

This seems like just the type of enforcement we need here in New York. Imagine how nice Central Park would be without all of those performance artists and elderly people. And babies.

German 'Samurai' on the Loose in Woods Near Berlin

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