Friday, July 02, 2004


Happy Pre-July 4 everybody! Or as Holocaust Deniers refer to it: Jew Lie 4th.

For my stalkers out there (you know who you are, Sanjay), I'll be spending the weekend frolicking on the beaches of "The Cape" (or Cape Cod, to those of us not from there). People have been asking me all week "Oh! What part of the Cape?" to which I respond "(Pause) The coddy part?", then pull out a 3 foot Caped Cod and slap them across the face with it. Very satisfying.

Perhaps the best part about this weekend will be the first official wearing of my 4 year old Tankini (don't mind the deodorant stains... I've tried it on, oh, about 348 times) and accompanying skirt wrap (How can it be sarong when it feels so right?)

Tankini - the Official Tini of Choice in the War on Terror.

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