Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Can't I Watch Supermarket Sweep in Peace?

I'll make this quick.

To Ball Park franks, the hot dog company that promotes their horse meat with a YUGE man saying the word "Girthy" over and over again, girthy girthy girthy, all the while drooling on himself and then closing this spectacle by taking big, meaty bite of your weiner: Let me be frank. I get seriously physically ill every time I see this.

A quick Google search: Apparently I'm not alone.

To Centrum, and your new "CARB ASSIST" vitamin. During your commercial, you twist the bottle around dramatically to reveal the title. For about 2 solid seconds, I thought you had a new product called "CARB ASS". And while I would be in your prime demographic for said product, I really don't appreciate being spoken to that way, by you, by your family, by all of your friends. I see the way they look at me, and I'm not going to take it anymore. Now get out!

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