Monday, June 28, 2004

Cassa-Role Playing

Ladies, are you tired of meeting too many men, and then never knowing which ones ones are keepers and which ones are goners?

Try this handy little guide from the "Glamour Magazine" of the Florida Panhandle, the Pensacola News. In Dee Dee Ritchie's Pulitzer Prize winning article, "Judging a Man by His Cassarole", Dee Dee explains the ins and outs of your man's culinary dabblings.

Of Tuna Casserole:
Do I really even want a man who likes tuna casserole? As much as I love tuna, of the sea rather than of the can, I cannot gag down a bite of this dish. If a man eats your tuna casserole, it must be love because his taste buds are dead. It's a great litmus test.

I once made the mistake of judging my man by how long it took him to shower. Over 10 minutes meant that he was obsessed with his body and himself, versus paying attention to me, talking to me, bathing me, combing my hair, telling me how nice I look, etc. If the shower was over 10 minutes - he was OUT THE DOOR!

In the end, I had a very meaningful relationship with a man who I knew cared for me, but his body fungus had me saying "Smell Ya Later!"

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