Friday, June 25, 2004

A Bug's Strife

While working at a sporting goods store in Johnson City, NY, a 23-year-old man found a spider, doused it in lighter fluid and threw a match at it, in an attempt to kill it. The fire quickly spread to the surrounding merchandise, and burnt half the store down. No word on how the spider is recovering.

I totally hear this guy's pain. I am psychotic about bugs! (play a clip of Country John from the Real World SF singing "True Story!")

One time, I killed a small spider in my bathroom, first by dousing it in perfume (thanks for nothing, Dolce and/or Gabbana), then by unloading half a bottle of hairspray on it and freezing it to death. Then there was the time I killed a roach using bug spray, and airlifted it to my toilet using double-sided tape stuck to the bottom of a small grocery bag, a la Jamie Lee Curtis' helicopter stunt in True Lies.

Worker Trying to Kill Spider Starts Fire

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