Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Locals in a small Nepali village in Kathmandu (Pronounced "Cat Man Doo") are in a tizzy due to the overproductive secretions of one of their Gods. No, not R. Kelly (zing!). Rather, the deity has been sweating, a sure sign of doom.

Natives have been in a praying frenzy, sacrificing goats hither and tither, and bracing for the worst.
[T]he last time the Lord Bhimeshwor idol "sweated" was in January 2001, six months before Crown Prince Dipendra shot dead his father, King Birendra, and eight other royals before turning the gun on himself in a drunken rage... The deity also reportedly sweated in 1932 before an earthquake killed thousands of people.

That seems pretty serious. The last time an idol sweated here in the States, millions of teenage girls ran out and bought Clay Aiken's album, "The Faggiest Mile." A tragedy indeed.

Anxious Country Prays to Placate 'Sweating' Deity

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