Tuesday, June 22, 2004

BREAKING NEWS: No Arms and Dangerous

This is exactly the kind of news that makes this unpaid, self-employed job worthwhile.

CNN.com has reported that two inmates, one with a prosthetic foot, the other a fake leg, escaped from a "special needs" prison cell last weekend. (If I had to go to prison, I'd be all for a "special needs" cell, a 4 by 4 concrete dungeon replete with melaleuca oils and hot stone therapy for my "special needs.")

Their names read like the back-up band for some 90 year old fiddle player: William Clay Bohanan, 40, Berl Keith McKinnie, 38, and Billy Leo Potts Jr., 39.

Luckily, two were caught. I'm guessing they forgot to disguise their fake limbs with new shoes or a bandana tied around it, Punky Brewster stilo.

Inmate with prosthetic limb at large

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