Tuesday, June 22, 2004

"So, Are You Nude To The Area?"

A boat carrying 42 African migrants accidentally wound up on the shore of a nude beach in Spain this past Monday.

Telemundo was there to catch all the action, as the exposed bathers approached the heavily clothed Africans to see if they needed help.

One thing that caught my eye was this paragraph, just thrown into the article with no apparent explanation:
The migrants included four babies, including one just 11 days old. A group of bathers was shown gathered around one of the infants, gently counting the fingers on one of its hands and coming up with six.

A six fingered baby! I used to have a history teacher armed with a sixth toe, which she would proudly model for us in a pair of 80 year old Aerosole sandals, the same color as her pasty, blue-lined foot. Looking back, it was probably just an overgrown bunyon, but at the time, this sixth toe was all I had to focus on during painfully dry lessons of Western Expansion (to this day, my least favorite part of American History.)

But a sixth finger! Think of all you could do! You could play a 12 string guitar with ease... Or type 200 words per minute! You could frighten little children away, but then win back their affection by inviting them into your car for some free candy!

Man, what I wouldn't do for a sixth finger.

African Migrants Wind Up on Nude Beach

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