Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Breed Between The Fe-Lines

Have you guys checked out the Cat Fancier's Association lately? Anybody? No?

Well, take a deep breath and relax, because I check up on it hourly. It's only three notches away from being my homepage, after the American Idol site and www.BurningBoys.com.

Moving on, check out the Breed of the Day, the Ragamuffin. Not just a cat, the Ragamuffin is also a companion, something to come home to...
When you first see a RagaMuffin from a distance - you will find yourself in awe. There lies a gorgeous, massive cat with large expressive eyes that are just begging for you to come closer. You will not believe its sumptuous color, its soft coat or the substantial size of its body.

Someone break out the hose!! I've already got two of these little guys on backorder, cause I'm freaky like that. I think I'll call one of them "Void" and the other "Filler."

Thanks to C. Peretti for the CFA link.


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