Friday, July 16, 2004

Stereotypes for Sale!

Not to get all Jay Leno on your ass, but posted this headline yesterday:

Same-Sex Marriage Fight Not Over

That is too sad. I wonder what they were fighting about? It probably went a little something like this:

Dylan:   Honey! Where did you put my feathered ass tickler?
Frank:   I don't know, sweetheart, you were the last one to use it!
Dylan:   No, you were. But that's pretty typical... You blaming me for things.
Frank:   Well, the person blamed is usually the one responsible.
Dylan:   Oh, like how I blamed you for us losing our adoption bid because you were  
too busy nursing... a serious coke habit!
Frank:   What can I say? I love carbonation!

(They laugh, embrace, pull out long, pink chiffon hankies and take dramatic bows in front of their audience, made up largely of myself and no one else. I clap wildly, the little curtain in my brain drops dramatically, and I head to the theater bathroom to drop a deuce.)

And to make this post truly unbearable, take a gand at above pic.

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