Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Man Buys Baby Oil to "Polish His Sword"

OK, not quite, but close. In what will be one of the few posts relating to "nerds" (sorry, this guy), a member of the Insular Order of the Druids was arrested in England for shopping in a store with a three-foot long sword (or "spell-casting weapon").

Merlin Michael Williams arrived in Court with his lawyer, King Arthur Pendragon (who was wearing a white robe with red lion print) to defend his case. The King tried to clear things up:
(laughing) Your Honor, we are simply Druidian Masters of Our Universe. You understand! (shaking head back and forth) If we don't carry our swords, we might be attacked by Knights of the Dark Army. (More laughter) It's as simple as that! (Walks back to chair, trips on robe.)

Again, not quite, but close.

'Merlin' Tried for Shopping With Sword

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