Monday, July 12, 2004

Sea Gull Fly, Sea Gull Crash

Lots of hot seagull action in the news. Let's get right to it.

For beginners, a seagull in Turkey (smirk) lost his leg to an ugly case of gangrene. The solution? Attaching a goddamn Barbie leg with a hand as a foot in its place.

Promise if you go to the site, you'll watch the video.

Seagull Gets Artificial Leg Made Of Barbie Doll Parts

Next, in an article chock full of quotable quotes, a man flying an airplane full of mail needed 20 stitches to the face after a seagull crashed through his window. Some of the nominees:

"I said, `Hey, am I bleeding?'" Griffing said. "He said, `Yeah.'"

His injuries appeared worse because he was covered with blood from the deceased seagull.

And the winner:
"I love it," Griffing said. "I don't like getting hit in the face, but I love it."

Pilot Injured When Gull Flies Into Plane

Finally, pelicans who break their necks and deserve it. Pobracitos.

Pelicans mistake Arizona asphalt for lakes

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