Thursday, July 08, 2004

Police and No Thank You

Producer Paul Maslansky is putting the "Po" in "Police", by announing plans for an eighth installment to the Academy franchise, and, therefore, publicly declaring his financial and intellectual bankruptcy.

OK, now I love Steve Guttenberg as much as the next gal (I wish I was kidding. Tom Bergeron, call me!), but really... do we need an EIGHTH installment (insert infinite amount of alternating question marks and excalamtion points here.)

Looking at Guttenberg's rich cinematic legacy (which includes a movie called P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, and p.s., I'm not kidding), it boggles the mind to think he would stoop this low.

Because, let's be serious, as "funny" as the series is, it's really nothing more than a string of female recruits in wet t-shirt contests, and the fellas getting attacked by german shephards.

On second thought, this movie may very well rake in millions upon millions of dollars. Hey, at least we'll get another generous helping of Michael Winslow! He can sound like a robot!!

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