Friday, July 02, 2004

Blubber Brando R.I.P.

Marlon Brando celebrated his deathday yesterday at the age of 80. It is a shame how God works sometimes, taking away a man known as the "Best Actor of All Time," when there are dozens, nay, hundreds of other actors who are so much more deserving of the Black Hand of Death.

Many of you may relish in Brando's performance in The Godfather, but if you really want to be touched by him (and who DOESN'T want to be touched by him roughly 40 years ago...), catch Guys and Dolls, a wonderfully funny movie where you get the honor of seeing Brando sing and dance, not to mention parlez with Frank Sinatra.

This being the last post until Tuesday, I leave you with this photo. Have a wonderful holiday.

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