Monday, July 12, 2004

My Mother's Favorite Joke

Above, a picture of a grieving Mr. Bolanos

A blind man walks past a fish store, tips his hat, and says "Evenin' Ladies!"

She's a classy broad, and since I was 10, if a fishy odor has ever wafted by our nose-trils, you can pretty much guarantee an "Evenin' Ladies" comment to be made within 2.6 milliseconds.

In a related story, Roy Bolanos, a man who lost 40 pounds of Hallibut at an Alaskan airport, can finally sleep easy tonight. Stewardesses couldn't help but over-smelling the rotting fish, which was strewn hither and tither neath the baggage conveyor belt.

In another related story, I've just barfed all over myself.

Odor May Be Clue to Missing Airport Fish

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