Monday, July 19, 2004

World War I Claims Another Victim

Sometimes hobbies can get the best of you.  A World War I memorabilia collector was blown to bits this weekend while showing off his missile collection.  It is still unknown if his last words were "Yo, dis shit is da BOMB."
Such a shame these "explosions" have to happen in small towns in Italy, versus during a taping of Antiques Roadshow.   I love the Roadshow, but not the antics of those two crafty doopplegangers that go by the names of Leslie and Leigh Keno.  Damn those Keno twins.  I don't trust you guys for a second. 
Side Note:  Can't you just hear Steven Wright reading the title?

Side Note Deux:  Relax.  I'm obviously going to have a bomb blow up in my face in T minus 5 years.

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