Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Limited Round-Up


- The Airforce is planning on using a new non-lethal Microwave weapon. Have you seen the latest video of a Burrito taking a hostage on Al Jazeera? Microwave weapon indeed.

- Keepin' It Gangsta: Siegfried and Roy's house gets all shot up and shit in a drive by. No word yet on any suspects...:

- Give a Dog a Bone: Have you ever gone out late at night to cut the head off a chicken, and accidentally cut off your penis, and fed it to you dog? No?! Well then you're probably not this elderly Romanian man.

What'd I do?

- Japanese Toilets: Urine a-nether world.

A Shat-isfied Customer

- Say No to Thugs: Hey Kids! Next time you want to go on an illegal drug run during English class, try asking for a "bathroom pass" instead of a "drug running pass."

- The latest: Caffeinated beer. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to kill myself by inducing alcohol poisoning, but the damn beer would put me straight to sleep! Sweet mercy, thank you. Some other upcoming caffeinated products include caffeinated Thanksgiving turkey, caffeinated Day at the Beach, and caffeinated Matt Le Blanc.

The O'Brien Family eagerly awaits the debut of caffeinated beer!

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