Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Morning Radio Appearance

Well, it's nighttime. I've just burned off the top layer of my facial epidermis with Noxema's Triple Clean Astringent. Now just two more steps left to complete my nighttime routine: sing my pet Horse to sleep, and strip the paint off a soon to be determined piece of furniture.

Just wanted to remind you readers out there that I'll be doing a small stint on KROQ LA's Kevin and Bean Show tomorrow at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST. This is all great prep for my upcoming television appearance on "TBD". Due to the FCC crackdown, I gotta make sure to censor my sailormouth's instincts. I've also planned out my outfit for my big TV debut. Here's a picture... whaddya think?

I look like I'm trying too hard, right? Oh well. My other thought was wearing a hard-core, in-your-face tee with the following image emblazoned on the front:

But who DOES, right?

And, because I tend to be chatty late at night, have I mentioned that I'll be travelling to New Orleans next weekend to be a "talent wrangler" at the Voodoo Music Festival? So I'm all jazzed and shit about who I'll be "wrangling"... and this evening I learned the answer. CYPRESS HILL. I have to follow CYPRESS HILL around for a while and show them to the stage. I was lobbying for a more palatable option (sadly, Celine won't be playing this year), but alas. Here's hoping I can partake in some of the munchie noshing.

Yawn, mouth smack x 2. I'm spent. Nightcap in place, I bid you all good night.

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