Friday, January 07, 2005

Everyday Low Wages

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Drudge is currently featuring TWO near naked alta kockers on his website.

Mickey Rooney.... nevah looked bettah.

But let's focus on the nude man in the Wal Mart reo-tard for a brief moment. His name's Dean Wooten, seeeee? And he doesn't like bein' yanked around, seeee? And he's not gonna take it from you, or from Wal Mart, or any other corporation, ya read me, myeah....see? And he's gonna prove it, myeah, prove it, and pass around this photo of himself to Wal Mart customers, myeah, the customers, seee? Pay 'im more money, maybe, maybe he wouldn't have to wear a bag around town, see? Mmmyeaah.

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Ya catchin my drift, son? See? Mmmyeah.

Footnote: Is nothing in Hollywood sacred anymore? Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston separate. Poor Jen... she didn't even get the opportunity to birth our Lord and savior. Shame.

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