Friday, January 07, 2005

Unchained Melanie

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An eagle eyed reader alerted me to a website that is of the utmost importance:

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You might remember Melanie Fontana as the "rhymes with bunt" profiled in the New York Times recently.

Well, people, she has her own website. ( And better yet - a fan site!! Appropriately titled "New Girl on the Block." ( Listen, when Hangin Tough is your comparison's swan song, it's best not to draw any attention to it, you follow?

She has some sample mp3's on her site, but seeing as I don't have any speakers at work, I can't take part in any possible thrashings. So take a listen if you can, and leave a comment with your opinion. I'm willing to give her a chance... I swear! Although her favorite quote just made me puke all over my $4000 cashmere Lacoste bodysuit. You owe me Melanie! [with thanks to Dave for the link.]

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My 1998 Homecoming wants its virginity back.

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It's called smiling with the eyes, Big M!

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