Monday, January 03, 2005

Saved By the Bea

The Golden Girls Would Like to Welcome a very special guest...

MARIO LOPEZ!!! Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell fame was on the Golden Girls! Can you say "Two Worlds Colliding"?

He played one of Dorothy's students, a young spanish boy named (are you ready?) MARIO! I guess they must've had characters named Rodriguez and Hector on the show already.

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Their first date.

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The Makings of a Hunk!

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"Ah, Dorothy, they're never gonna make me center square!"

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So cute!! Check out the Uncle Jesse-like hairstilo.

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A final embrace.

I'm pretty sure he got deported at the end of the episode. No matter, it looks like they have a pretty nice school system set up down there in Mexico.

Check out the Golden Girls website, and find out which Golden Girl you are. Like I needed a quiz to tell me:

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