Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Today's Rebus of Ill Proportions

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Well, I could only avoid the office disease for so long. And no, I'm not talking about Soul Cancer... I'm talking about some sort of cold/flu, aka "death grip", that makes you wake up in the morning looking not unlike this beagle who was stung in the face with a bee:

Old freckled man hands aside, I am at least grateful that I was able to stave off infection until after the holiday season. But now, sitting here in this fluorescent coffin and completely coked up on Dayquil, my mind keeps wandering toward what I'd rather be doing:

So please just understand the predicament I'm in when reading today's postings. Because they are obviously going to make no sense whatsoever.

Let's get the day started:
Goose Fights with Bobcat, Wins (with a must-see video clip, including commentary from Luke Wilson [trust])

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