Friday, July 08, 2005

Ahh!!! I was a Google Answer!!

My feelings right now can only be described in three small, but spiritual letters.


I was just obsessively checking my statcounter, which tells me what links people used to access this encylopedia of autism, when I see that someone got here using Google Answers, a service Google provides where people pay money to have Google's crack-addicted researchers do the math. Curious, I clicked on the link. Here's what I found:
I would like to know who makes the glasses frames that Cillian Murphy
wears as Dr. Crane in Batman Begins. Lots of pictures on Google

Request for Question Clarification by rainbow-ga on 07 Jul 2005 10:01 PDT
Hi pachinko,

Please let me know if this answers your question:

"That's clearly Cillian Murphy, an actor better known as the lead in
"28 Days Later." Cillian is an old Gaellic name that translates
loosely into "Tranny Face."
"I also want to point out that his glasses are hand crafted by the
same Frenchman who makes the spectacles that rest on my very face,
Alain Mikli. i.e. I felt rich for a solid 7 minutes of screentime..."

You can also see a photograph of Cillian Murphy wearing the glasses at
the above site.

Looking forward to hearing your views.

Best regards,

I can't tell you the kind of joy this fills me with. Let's begin with the fact that they quoted me as calling Cillian a trannyface, which has literally nothing to do with the man's question... Seems like that "ellipse" up there should have been placed roughly 12 words before it.

Secondly, I've finally given back to Google!! Considering I use this search engine 7,000 times a minute to access pictures of fat naked men on beaches (wait for it folks, it's comin), the fact that someone finally used me as a reference is truly shatisfying.

The ooooooonly beef I have is that some ASSHOLE paid 40 dollars to have his question answered -- and that I don't receive a cut of the profits.

By the by, my birthday's tomorrow, and nobody in the office remembered -- meaning no awkward office cake party this afternoon! There really is no better gift. I should write these guys a thank you note next week. (But seriously, I'm pretty hurt.)

Aaaaaand, because you've been so patient, a little treat FYEO, Sheena Easton stizz.

No need to thank.

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