Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some Morning Tiddly Winks

I began my morning by watching the Olympic Host City Announcement, hearing it was London, and softly weeping from joy. I can make a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the next 7 years and ship myself over there by 2012, right? What a brilliant choice. What's that, Basil? What do you want to say to Paris?

I lurve British schoolchildren.

Also, I've received numerous e-mails from friends and morbidly obese strangers offering to buy me The Gift of Jazzy following yesterday's not-so-secret plea. Which means that chances are I will be rolling in the Gifts of Jazzy's come my b-day (rolling in "gifts" of Jazzy? Shudder.)

How jazzed am I? Well I'm...

...not as jazzed as this guy...

...but definitely more jazzed than this guy.

(Retarded dog picture quota for the day? Check.)

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