Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Need Your Opinion

First of all, the Today Show delivered a big laugh this morning during their segment dealing with playground safety. Their expert, when discussing the "Do's and Don'ts" of the Playground (more like "Doo's and Don'ts", if you were me on the playground), cautioning parents against using bicycle helmets on their children. You see, apparently a number of children are sent to the hospital each year after their HELMETS got stuck inside of SLIDES.

Oh. Ha. Hahaha.

I don't know who this little girl is, but I take back all those nasty things I ever said about children: How could that face be a blood-sucking, leeching, whiny bag of puke?

On a related note: Check out "Children's Fantasy Hats". Thankfully, they carry my childhoot fantasy hat: Steven Van Zandt.

Also, best baby costume evs???? OBVS!!!!

Courtesy of B. Yamamoto, one hilarious bitch.


My fallopian tubes are drunk dialing possible baby makers as we speak. Oh wait. Okay, no that's me doing that.

Okay people. Focus. I have a very important question:

Have any of you been to Asbury Park, NJ recently? Some friends and I were thinking of heading out there Saturday to partake in beach/holiday activities, but then someone at work told me it's kind of gross.... is that true? New Yorkers, where's a nice, convenient place to take the train too this weekend for a little beach and a cute boardwalk? I'm not talking carnival, funnel cakes here -- that shit really freaks me out.

Lemme know in the comments section!!

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