Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doggy Smile

So I'm making my daily Friendster check-in today at work, to compare profile views with more popular friends (natch), and as I'm typing the URL into my computer,, my computer chooses instead to take me to another www.frie... site, known as the I was expecting Friendster, and instead I was met with this image, the product of a Google Image search from yesteryear:

This is literally the face I made at every birthday party of mine from the ages of 3 to 15, sitting in front of my cake, surrounded by my parents and not a single "friend" who was invited. No need to blow out the candles when your tears put them out effortlessly. Friendster, schmendster, this motherfucker is real, raw emotion.

For me real, raw emotion, check these motherfuckers out. (Click on pic for wallpaper-ready pic. I put it up, and I've been weeping uncontrollably ever since.)

via Dong

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